About Our International Matchmaking Agency

International Matchmaking Agency

"My Amour Agency" ...an amazing birth story

The concept for My Amour Agency started when I became a user at one of the large international dating site. More and more I understand that the sphere of relations between a man and a woman is quite interesting for me.

The Chinese characterization of the word “crisis” consists of two signs: danger and opportunity. Personally for me, the crisis meant new opportunities, solutions and changes. A bad economic situation is an opportunity to do something better than you did before the crisis. This is an incentive for improvement. The crisis in my country and the association with the dating site prompted me to discover a new country, make new friends, and led to the birth of a new life project.

Many people from Eastern Europe, such as myself, very often hear that America is a country of great opportunities. This huge country has never been on my bucket list of places to visit, however, I decided that maybe at some point I could entertain the notion of traveling there.  The dream of a quality education for my daughter and the existing crisis in my own country recently prompted me to reach out and discovered this wonderful country! New acquaintances, traveling around the states of this country, communicating with incredibly sincere Americans - what could be more interesting! But a special role in the origin of the idea for My Amour Agency was collaborated by a meeting with Michael. A smart, successful, businesslike, well-educated, talented but incredibly modest individual, often asked me the same question during the course of our communication: Dear Victoria, try to imagine that you are living in the United States. What would you like to do? In which sphere would you like to realize yourself? " He understood perfectly well my strong desire to help people and my entrepreneurial spirit.

After our conversations, I began to ask myself the question “what if… ”.Meetings and communications with Americans gave me an answer to my question. Some of them told me about their successful marriages to Slavic women, others shared unfortunate experiences of dating through marriage agencies, and some just heard about the women of Eastern Europe and wanted me to offer some sort of confirmation to their beliefs.  

So, these gatherings and sincere conversations with American men played a role in the final decision-making process regarding the necessity to create My Amour Agency.  Helping people to meet each other from all parts of the world who seek to love and to be loved - what could be better than this type of life mission? And in order to realize this at a high level, professionally, with a high degree of responsibility for the destinies of people, using unique methods and tools, the International Matchmaking  Agency "My Amour Agency" was therefore created!

We will help you to create a family and find true happiness!

Each person has only one important life goal – to have a happy family. Career, hobbies, travelling and enjoying things with friends - that's all secondary. There is nothing like having a beloved person in your life who is willing to go hand in hand with you, sharing the joy, sadness, hopes and dreams we experience.
If you went to our website, you are definitely tired of lonely evenings, meaningless relationships and senseless searches. The choice to change your life for the better is your best decision. It's time to act, and we will help you with that.

Who are we?

Our International matchmaking agency My Amour Agency – it`s your hope to getting a loving and happy family. We work with single women and men, aged 25 and older worldwide. We offer an opportunity to everyone who is serious about settling down into a meaningful relationship.

The key purpose of our Agency is to provide a safe and sincere method of communication, real dates that potentially will lead to marriage, without long and frivolous e-mail correspondence.

Our principles

A private interview with a client is a necessary condition for making up client’s questionnaires and entering a client’s information into our database. We must be completely sure of the sincerity and honesty of each candidate's intentions. It's very easy to become an ordinary marriage agency with a weak reputation, but why? A good and dependable reputation is more important to us than a steady stream of clients who use a marriage agency as an easy way to flirt.

Take that step towards your happiness and register with our Agency! We sincerely believe that we are able to help everyone who will turn to My Amour Agency to find real love and start a wonderful and happy family.

Our goal is to be the endpoint in your search for that special soul mate!