Why do we search for a soulmate?

Why do we search for a soulmate?

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It seems that the answer is obvious: people are social beings, and therefore each of us needs someone to share our joys and sorrows, wins and failures. Sure, we have parents, friends, colleagues and even followers on social networking sites to communicate with all throughout the day.

But is there a person among them who doesn’t need anything to be explained, proved or illustrated with photos? Someone who understands you without words and just feels what’s on your mind. The person who does think you’re unique and essential in his or her life. The one who will never make you feel lonely, because you will always be on one page, even when far away from each other, because your love will bridge all distances.

And it doesn’t really matter whether your soulmate will share all your views and hobbies or you will be poles apart (opposites attract, remember?). It is important that the person be able to take you as you are, with all your virtues and shortcomings, rats in the attic and extra pounds. And, odd as it may sound, this is exactly the thing that will make you change for the better. Because your other half will help, support, understand and forgive, while you will want to love back unconditionally, since true love just cannot be selfish.

The meaning of searching for our soulmates is not that without them we are flawed, but that with them we can become even better and each of us can make another person happy. Isn't it worth your time and effort?