The rules of cooperation with an International Matchmaking agency     

My Amour Agency” (hereinafter referred to as the Agency).

1. Conditions of work with the Agency shall be applied to every woman/man registered on the My Amour Agency website, hereinafter referred to as the website.

2. These Rules of work with the Agency are your voluntary agreement with the Agency, hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”. After a quick or complete signing up you agree to the processing of you personal data and guarantee to follow the Agreement until you cease to be the Client of the agency. If you do not agree with the Agreement, you shall have the right to decline the services of the agency and delete your personal data.

3. This Agreement may be amended. Any amendments will be posted on the website.

4. The International marriage agency My Amour Agency, hereinafter referred to as the Agency, provides consultations in the field of interpersonal relationships and stays out of the activities prohibited by international law and/or legislation of Ukraine.

5. The “Client” is the user of the website who provided personal data and signed up. The clients of the Agency's website shall provide only accurate personal data, be ready for the interview, and give honest answers to all questions.

6. The “Administration” means the Agency`s personnel managing the Website and processing Clients` personal data.

7. “Personal data (or individual data)” means any data related to a particular individual or an individual identified based on such data (personal data owner).

8. The Client of the Agency agrees that the Administration of the website acts in the interests of the client and may deliver personal data to third parties, if it is required for the provision of services by the Agency in a quality manner.

9. The Agency opposes any kind of violence, crimes, and human trafficking.

10. Only women and men aged 25 years old and over are allowed to sign up. In the case of violation of this paragraph your personal data will be deleted.

11. By signing up, you guarantee that you are not officially or informally married, nor you are in a relationship.

12. By signing up you also represent and warrant that:

a) you have a clean record;

b) you do not have psychological disorders;

c) you do not use the services of other marriage agencies;

d) keep confidential all information received during the period of cooperation with the Agency, and do not transfer information to third parties;

e) you use the Agency`s services exclusively for the search of a partner for a long-term relationship or marriage, and not for financial benefits or fraud.

f) the purpose of your search coincides with the main purpose of the Agency's activities, standards of morality and law.

13. By agreeing to the Rules of work with the Agency, you give a consent for the verification of all your personal data.

14. In the case of violation of any of subparagraphs a - f of paragraph 12, as well as other conditions of cooperation with the Agency, the Administration shall reserve the right to terminate cooperation and delete the Client from the database.

15. The Agency acts in your interests, provides assistance and professional tips, but does not guarantee that you will succeed with the opposite sex.

16. The client shall be absolutely responsible for communication with other client of the website.

17. The client shall provide full and accurate personal data, high-quality and recent photographs. The Client`s photographs shall meet the Rules for photo sharing specified on the Agency's website.

18. Reply to the acquaintance requests received from the Agency within 3 days.

19. It is prohibited for the Client to falsify information and/or provide invalid data, share information that is vulgar or obscene, contains pornographic images, scenes of a sexual nature or use someone else's photographs.

20. In the case the violation is revealed, the Client shall promptly inform the Administration.

21. The administration shall have the right to delete any information conflicting with the rules of the Agency's activity, standards of morality, provisions of Ukrainian and international laws.

22. To ensure the provision of high-quality services, the Administration shall reserve the right to demand a copy of the documents to verify the identity of the Client, as well as copies of the documents to verify his marital status.

23. In the case of failure to provide feedback to the Administration's requests or requests from other Clients within 3 months, the Agency`s administration shall have the right to delete the Client`s personal data.

24. The Administration may use the Client`s data for advertising purposes upon the Client's consent.

25. The Agency shall bear responsibility for the safety of all the Client`s data in the Agency's database.

26. The Agency shall promptly respond to the Clients` requests and take all necessary measures for their realization.

27. The Agency shall provide the Clients with full and accurate information on the procedure for the services provision and their cost.

28. The Agency shall guarantee the confidentiality of information received from the Client. All information received from the Client will be used exclusively for the Client`s benefit.

29. The Agency shall have the right to provide contact information at the Client`s requests only upon mutual agreement and consent of the Clients.

30. At the Client`s request, the Agency shall delete the Client`s personal data. At that, the Client shall inform the Agency of the intent to terminate the cooperation via e-mail.

31. The Agency shall reserve the right to refuse to sign up the Client or terminate cooperation without agreement with the Client if:

a) the client provides intentionally false information;

b) the client`s behavior is obscene or immoral;

c) the photograph fails to comply with the requirements for sharing or the questionnaire is placed without a photo;

d) the client intentionally violates the conditions of the Agreement.

32. In the case of violation of the Rules of cooperation with the Agency, the Client shall pay financial damage, cover all expenses and losses incurred by the Agency as a result of such violations.

33. In the case of moral, financial or physical damage to another Client of the Agency or Administration, the Client who caused any kind of damage shall compensate all expenses in full.

34. Once the Agency's Clients exchanged their information, the Agency, by mutual agreement, shall not bear responsibility for the development of relations between such Clients.

35. All information shared on the website is the property of the Agency, stored in the Agency's database and cannot be used for any other purposes.

36. It is prohibited to use information for illegal purpose and/or copy any materials from

37. All disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be settled in an amicable manner.

38. In the Parties to this Agreement failed to settle the dispute through negotiations, the dispute may be settled by court, according to the applicable legislation.

39. The Agency is not a party to any dispute arising between the Clients of the Agency. Thus, the Client shall not involve the Agency in the settlement of any dispute arising between the Clients of the Agency, and shall not use the Agency's services or the website to settle the dispute.

40. This Agreement shall take effect from the moment of signing up on and remain effective until your personal data is removed from the Agency's database.

Rules for posting photos on My Amour Agency website.

Size and quantity.

You may upload JPG, JPEG, or PNG images up to 800 KB each. 

Maximum number of photos is 4.

Your advantages.

Be very serious toward uploading any photos. Imagine, as if you need to send them to the competition “Person of the year”

Photo number 1 – it’s the first place and speaks for itself. On the photo you present yourself. Make sure that is your portrait photo on a white background.

Photo number 2 – represent yourself in an ordinary life. Naturalness and sincerity are something that will get everyone's attention! This should be a full-body length photo.

Photo number 3 – show everyone your occupation, a favorite job or just a dream of your own business. We all want to share our successes and achievements. Immerse others in the world of your profession, favorite business, dreams. Share your dream and your dream will come true.

Photo number 4 – what can introduce you more than a favorite hobby? Disclose what your hobbies are in this photo. This should be a full-body length photo.

Do not forget that the first impression is very difficult to change, sometimes it is almost impossible. Photos should be good quality, clear and natural.

If you are not sure which photo is the right one, our professional team will be more than happy to assist you.

With Love,

My Amour Agency